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5. Precast Shell Units: Plain or lightly reinforced concrete can be used in the form of precast shell roofing. A suitable frame is made to cast the shell unit. The hessian cloth is spread over it. The cloth is given a sort of sag to maintain the shape of the shell. To regulate the thickness, a thin frame of 2.5 cm height is placed.

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In the middle of the 19th century, in Bavaria, a mixture of cement, sand and water was first used to form roof tiles out of concrete. Many homes built with these first concrete roof tiles still remain, proving their durability. In the early 1900s, coloring pigments were added to concrete roofing tiles in Europe to simulate the appearance of clay.

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Architectural Precast The design advantages of architectural precast concrete are enhanced by the extraordinary whiteness of Lehigh White Portland Cements and by the excellent thermal properties, strength, noise reduction, low maintenance, moisture and fire resistant properties inherent in precast construction.

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DekTek Tile is an elegant, and innovative precast concrete decking material that is especially designed for elevated decks and roof decks. DekTek’s luxury tile decking is custom-poured, high-strength concrete deck tiles that support more than 1,000 lbs per tile. The concrete deck tiles are 1” thick and weigh approximately 10.5 lbs per square foot.

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Free BIM objects for Concrete tiles interlocking (Tiles, slates, shingles and shakes) to download in many design software formats, manufacturer objects contain real world data.

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Flat Concrete Roof Tiles refer to a variety of profiles completely lacking in any barrels or rolls. Increasingly popular with designers, architects and home buyers, a flat tile roof offers a crisp, clean appearance that perfectly complements both traditional and modern architecture.

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With over 60 years producing architectural products, Wausau Tile is a leading paver manufacturer along with precast concrete, precast terrazzo, terrazzo tile and site furnishings.

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Founded in 1989, Eagle Roofing Products has become the preferred concrete roof tile manufacturer in North America. We have grown due to a philosophy that revolves around growing personal relationships.

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Precast joist roof is a building system in which precast reinforced cement concrete planks – rectangular slab elements – are placed on precast RCC joists. The roof gets completed with in-situ concrete poured over the haunches in planks and over the partially precast joists, thus ensuring monolithic action of individual precast elements.

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Precast Concrete Pavers Advantages. Using precast concrete pavers have lots of advantages. First, concrete is a durable material and is said to last for over 100 years! That’s a really long time. Second, compared to other materials, the strength of concrete develops over time making it suitable to bear heavy loads and structures. Third ...

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Jan 01, 1971 · Concrete roof systems have three basic advantages over competitive materials- esthetic appeal, structural economy and functional utility. Double-tees are the most widely used prestressed concrete product in the minimum-span range. Double-tees may be used for many types of buildings.

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Precast concrete consists of concrete (a mixture of cement, water, aggregates and admixtures) that is cast into a specific shape at a location other than its in service position. The concrete is placed into a form , typically wood or steel , and cured before being stripped from the form, usually the following day.

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Our broad range of high quality, low maintenance equipment ranges from manual machines producing 500 roof tiles per day, to fully automated plants producing over 60 000 roof tiles per day. We offer a wide range of concrete roof and trim tile profiles manufactured on either aluminium or steel production pallets.

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J&D Precast Inc. 2540 East Hwy 44 Rapid City, SD 57703. 605-343-3192

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Concrete roof tiles can reach as low as 15 degrees with sarking. There is a range of profiles and patterns to choose from to give it texture and distinction from the modern flat Madison tile in Soho Night to the unique Cambridge slate tile. There is also an option to choose lapped or A-line ridging.

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Since 1945 Coldstream Concrete has been providing high quality precast concrete products to the construction and drainage industry. Starting with concrete drain tile Coldstream has evolved to become a leader in custom heavy precast concrete elements. Along with our standard products like manholes, catchbasins and reinforced concrete pipe.


a 1500-2300 square foot concrete structure is priced in the price range of $48 per square foot and the interior can be finished out at a lower cost than a normal home. the dura k rete home walls are 6" thick precast panels with cast in insulation. the roof has a double seal.

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The company licenses production of Forix and Gravix precast retaining wall units for residential, commercial, industrial, department of transportation and heavy rail projects. Innovative, patented design of a triangular section in the stem perpendicular to the face allows the weight of the backfill to bear on the units, resulting in a ...


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Sep 26, 2011 · Thereafter, precast systems are commonly topside insulated, below the roof cover, using adhered insulation panels or cast-in-place lightweight insulating concrete. Lightweight Insulating Concrete Decks – Non-structural, low-density, lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC) can be placed upon a variety of structural deck systems that have been ...

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To ‘Build Something Great’ means much more than construction; at Boral we pride ourselves on Safety, being a great place to work for our employees, and an industry-leading manufacturer of premium building materials that will serve our customers and end-users for years to come Darren Schulz Boral Industries - President & CEO

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Our interlocking concrete pavers used are extremely durable. We manufacture our pavers using specific sands, crushed stone, cement, water and color fast pigments which provide most of the color. A computer operated machine, especially designed for the purpose, forms the concrete mixture into the varous shapes and.

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Precast concrete is widely used in low- and mid-rise apartment buildings, hotels, motels, and nursing homes. The concrete provides superior fire resistance and sound control for the individual units and reduces fire insurance rates. Precast concrete is also a popular material for constructing office buildings.

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Precast seating decks are usually of L-shaped reinforced concrete units of length usually between 7-8 meters spanning between the raker beams. The seating decks also rest on each other. The role of the third (resting support) is to stop the units from undergoing excessive twisting, and in general, provide extra stability.

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A Ferro cement roof channel is a longitudinal element, semi -cylindrical shaped. It is easy to construct, uses less cement and steel than a conventional RCC roof and is also cheaper .During the installation process the roof channel is lifted into place and can immediately be joined together in order to provide a shelter, a roof or a floor s lab.

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Precast reinforced concrete roofs. Search all products, brands and retailers of Precast reinforced concrete roofs: discover prices, catalogues and new features


the company as Wausau Tile & Terrazzo in 1953. And looking back, there was no way we wouldn’t succeed. Over time, as innovation and customer demands drove us this way and that, tile led to terrazzo stair treads. Extra cement from those treads led to experimenting with pavers. Pavers led us to precast concrete.

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Precast concrete flexibility Concrete casting techniques Today, a number of technologies have emerged, that offers casting methods for a range of purposes. On a large scale, the market is domina ted by well known techniques such as precast elements made from standard moulds and in-situ casting in standardized modular systems.

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Our precast bunker silos are available in L and T shaped panels, with heights of 5’, 8’6” and 12’. Our walls are made using solid concrete throughout the whole panel. The precast panels are heavily reinforced and made with a 7,000psi concrete mix with a water-cement ratio of .40 or less.

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